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Purple Heart

Purple Heart hardwood lumber is a distinct hardwood species known for its purple undertones. It is found in Central and South America. Classified as one of the most durable hardwood lumber species that is preferred for heavy construction projects. Its durability comes from various properties such as its resistance to a majority of insect attacks, etc.


NOTE: Spirit-based finishes will remove the purple color while lacquer-based finishes will preserve the color.


Color:  As stated before, it’s best known for its purple undertones. Purple Heart varies in color from a dull grey with purple undertones to dark brown color with a hint of purple. Most times carrying an eggplant shade.


Uses: Accent pieces, Flooring, Furniture, Cabinetry, Bridges, Boardwalks, etc.



Greenheart lumber is a widely used hardwood species found predominantly in South America. It is also popularly known for its durability – being the main reason behind a common preference for heavy-duty and marine construction.


Color: Greenheart varies from pale olive to green


Uses: Greenheart hardwood lumber is mainly used for heavy-duty construction work such as sea defense, boardwalks, piers, bridges. However, its versatility does not stop there it can be used for beautiful architectural pieces such as decking, cladding, and flooring


Tropical Hardwood Species

There are many different kinds of tropical hardwoods to choose from.  We've collected and produced some detailed information about tropical hardwood species below.  Each species has its own unique set of characteristics (color, grain pattern, etc.).  Whether you're talking about greenheart wood, Wallaba wood or any other tropical hardwood, each wood's characteristics make it particularly suitable for specific uses.  arance

Greenheart - Chlorocardium rodiei  


Purpleheart - Peltogyne spp.


Mora - Mora excelsa


Black Kakaralli - Eschweilera spp.


Ekki / Azobe - Lophira alata 


Wallaba - Eperua spp. 


Shibadan - Aspidosperma album 


Ipe - Tabebuia spp


Warama - Swartzia spp. 


Tatabu - Diplotropis purpurea 


JatobaHymenaea courbaril 


Simarupa - Simarouba amara 


Determa - Ocotea rubra 


Crabwood - Carapa guianensis  


Bullet Wood - Manilkara bidentata 


Suya - Pouterin spectosa 


Kabukalli - Goupia gliabra 


Basralocus - Dicorynia guianensis  


Silverballi - Aniba spp.  


Tauroniro - Humiria balsamifera 

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